Healthcare needs a digital transformation

Legacy solutions are at the end of their cycle, struggling to keep the pace with innovation, which makes them extremely expensive to maintain or upgrade.

How we can help

Better Platform
Better data = Better care

High performance solution, designed to store, manage, query, retrieve and exchange standardised electronic health or record data.

What makes us different?

We breathe and live our vision.

We want all clinical data to be vendor neutral and accessible throughout patient’s life. Our mission is to help governments, local authorities, IT partners achieve that. We are dedicated to helping care teams take advantage of an ever-increasing number of new technologies that will certainly make their work easier.

Use cases

Health care data has traditionally been stored across multiple health care organizations, with incompatible computer systems, making care coordination, real-time analytics and knowledge discovery difficult.

Developing a solution carries the responsibility to make it future proof and adaptable.

Value based healthcare, personalised medicine, and patient-centered care can all be made possible by structured clinical data.

Hospital digitalisation with the right foundation – openEHR.

Structured data is key for advanced research.

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