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Better healthcare starts here

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Government and Local Authorities

Integrating data for research purposes

  • A national infrastructure for the cross-institutional use of medical data for research and teaching
  • The integration of data from research, clinical operations, and external sources
  • New solutions for the analysis of medical data

Enabling nation-wide health data interoperability

  • Infrastructure for all eHealth systems including referrals, patient summaries and health registries
  • Standardised patient and provider identification and data privacy mechanisms enabling acceptable and reliable health data privacy based on patient consent
  • Ready for cross-border integrations

openEHR across the whole of the Moscow city

  • Improved health data management
  • Optimised processes in the healthcare system leading to time and cost savings
  • Reduction of waiting lines and manual input errors

Malta goes openEHR

  • Use of clinical data models developed by healthcare domain experts
  • Preventing vendor lock-in to enable easy implementation of future healthcare solutions
  • Enabling incremental procurement adapted to the needs and resources

Healthcare Providers

Electronic Medical Record solutions for FamilyDOC clinics in the Philippines

  • Expansion and creation of agile, open standards-based solutions covering all clinical and business processes for the entire chain of FamilyDOC clinics
  • Solutions for all FamilyDOC clinics to store data in the same format enabling medical teams to have the comprehensive set of clinical information

IT Partners

Reliable data supporting diagnostic process and care

  • Development of systems that guarantee traceability, safety and efficiency in the diagnostic process in the area of patient health records solution
  • Validated and trustworthy set of information used in and for patient care
  • Access to and full control of patients’ clinical data anytime, anywhere